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Advantage Healthcare Solutions (AHS) is a private marketing consulting firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other healthcare companies across North America.





AHS specializes in designing and managing healthcare market research projects from beginning to end. We partner with leading recruiters and technology providers to ensure that we optimally recruit from relevant customer target groups (e.g. community specialists, nurses, patients, KOLs etc.) and engage them to optimize output through the use of technology and innovative methodology. 


We provide our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and other healthcare clients with critical customer insights allowing them to:


  • Tap a vision of opportunities in existing/new markets
  • Draw on key decision criteria in the buying process
  • Understand what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Test concepts/market materials before launch
  • Track product/company performance
  • Evaluate price and reimbursement sensitivity
  • Gauge patient awareness/satisfaction/advocacy with current/pipeline medications

Our Approach


Advantage Healthcare Solutions’ value proposition is based upon our unique approach to market analysis:


  • Focused on the healthcare market
  • Integrated analysis across convergent healthcare sectors
  • Targeted research tailored to support client needs



AHS News

"Advantage Healthcare Solutions has become a truly valued member of our team - delivering high quality work which is consistently on time.  Consultant knowledge of the various healthcare markets gives Advantage Healthcare Solutions the edge when dealing with clients and producing research."

Lance Lira
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry Manager

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